TEMS and the Community

TEMS serves as a resource that the community can not only access in times of need, but also engage with during large campus events and through the Emergency Care course. TEMS offers details for sports events, concerts and large convocations, where one or more emergency medical technicians are available on standby to provide medical care. Beyond campus, TEMS extends its reach into the broader community, participating in events like ‘Read by the River’ and Community Days held on Tufts’ campus. 

TEMS also provides training for local Girl Scout troops and offers CPR-certification and emergency-preparedness classes for Tufts community members and student groups. As a fully student-run organization, Tufts EMS operates under the leadership of an elected board of eight directors, managing TEMS’ operations, finance, training, education, quality assurance, technical supplies, community relations and alumni relations. TEMS is run by the students and for the students, ensuring that fellow peers receive care from those who can understand their unique needs and concerns.

TEMS members standing at a booth on the Tufts campus