In a Medical Emergency

In an Emergency, dial x66911 from any campus phone or 617-627-6911 from any mobile phone. This number will automatically connect you to the Tufts Department of Public Safety Communications Center, where a trained public safety dispatcher will answer:

University Police, this call is recorded, where is your emergency?

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The exact location of the incident.
  • A brief description of the emergency.

Be sure to include the patient’s age, sex, major symptoms, and any important contributing factors to the illness/injury (e.g. fell down stairs). Even if you are unaware of this information, call anyway and have someone else find out the details.

Stay on the line. Let the dispatcher hang up first. They may have additional questions which will assist EMS in preparing for the emergency. The dispatcher may also ask you to send someone to the front door to meet responders.

Remember to stay calm and give accurate information. The more we know, the faster we can help you.

Medical Emergency Guide