About Tufts Emergency Medical Service

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Since 1985, Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) has provided prompt, quality medical aid to the Tufts Community. TEMS is in service during the school year 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students who are Massachusetts-certified Emergency Medical Technicians volunteer their time to care for the sick and injured with competency and compassion.

Each year TEMS EMTs respond to more than 400 requests for aid. The call volume ranges from non-emergency calls to life-threatening emergencies. During automobile accidents, heart attacks, asthma attacks, or other life-threatening emergencies the rapid response often helps make the difference between life and death. All of the EMTs are trained to the highest standards, with continuing education sessions held throughout the school year to expand and hone the skills of members.

Tufts EMS is an entirely student-run organization. An elected board of eight directors manages TEMS’ operations, finance, training, education, quality assurance, technical supplies, and community relations. They are funded by and operate under the authority of the Tufts University Department of Public Safety. TEMS works with and enjoys the support of the Tufts University Police Department, Tufts University Health Service, the Dean of Students Office, and the entire student body.

Tufts EMS employs the use of a Ford Explorer Class V Ambulance. All equipment that would be found on a normal Basic Life Support ambulance is carried in the TEMS truck. Enhanced basic life support equipment including a cardiac defibrillator is also carried. In the event that a patient needs to be transported to a hospital the services of a private ambulance company are called upon. If a patient’s condition is critical an Advanced Life Support unit from any of the nearby ambulance companies will be summoned.

TEMS students standing today near a Emergency Medical Services sign

TEMS Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

TEMS is committed to ensuring that all patients receive the highest level of assistance and care during emergency situations. This means not only educating ourselves on the unique health needs of various populations, but also measures to minimize barriers to becoming an EMT. The organization places great importance on fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity, equity, and collaboration among its members. This comprehensive approach not only cultivates a supportive atmosphere within the organization, but also enhances the efficacy of emergency response efforts. 

Currently, the D.E.I. Officers are raising money to fund the Tufts Emergency Care Course (TECC) Scholarship, which will help cover the costs of the Emergency Care course at Tufts. The TECC Scholarship aims to lower financial barriers in EMT certification for Tufts students in order to improve accessibility in health education and in the medical field. Furthermore, we are working to improve accessibility to a position on Tufts EMS by advocating for compensation to ensure students are not limited by financial reasons in helping keep our campus safe.