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Individual microwave oven appliances are not permitted within student dorm rooms**.

**Microwave ovens (single) are allowed within the kitchen areas of suites, or common kitchens of other student housing.

Combination microwave/fridge (“micro – fridge”) units are permissible in student dorm rooms.

Hot plates, George Foreman type grills, toasters, toaster ovens; and any other like cooking devices are not permitted inside student rooms.


The use of candles, incense, and/or open flames of any kind inside any University building is strictly prohibited.  Even if the candle is being used for fragrance only and the wick is not burned, it is prohibited.  Battery operated wax scented candle products are available and permitted.


Halogen Torchiere Lamp

Due to their inherent fire safety hazard, halogen Torchiere style floor lamps and desk lamps with halogen tube bulbs are not permitted to be used in Tufts buildings.

“Octopus” Style Floor and Desk Lamp

This style of floor or desktop lamp is a potential fire hazard. Recently there have been documented dormitory fires caused by these types of lamps at colleges and universities.

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating this issue for “possible production hazards” and to determine if a recall is necessary.

These styles of lamps are not permitted in Tufts buildings. If you have one of these lamps, please refrain from using it and remove it from your room as soon as possible.

Power Strips

The use of unprotected electrical power strips is strictly prohibited.  Only power strips with over-current protection, which shut off power automatically if there is too much current being drawn, are permitted to be used inside University buildings.

Electrical Extension Cords

Electrical extension cords are strictly prohibited from use inside University buildings as permanent wiring.   Should there be a need to use an electrical extension cord for permanent use, you must contact Facilities to have the area of use inspected to determine if additional electrical wall receptacles can be installed to accommodate your needs. For temporary use, the extension should be of the heavy duty, three wire type with ground plug. It should not be in excess of 6-8 feet in length. Do not run the cord under rugs or pile clothes on top of the cord. Overloading of an electrical wall receptacle may cause a fire or short circuit.

The information above is also available as a PDF here.

Electronic skateboards, “hover boards”, electronic unicycles, and / or similar self-balancing electronic battery powered devices.

Tufts, like many other colleges and universities, has become increasingly concerned by reports from organizations such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission about fires associated with hoverboards. Therefore, effective Tuesday, January 12, 2016, the university is restricting the use, storage and charging of hoverboards and similar devices anywhere on our campuses. These devices may not be used or stored on Tufts property, inside university buildings or at other locations designated as campus housing. We are continuing to monitor the safety concerns associated with these products and guidance from consumer product safety organizations.