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The Somerville Inspectional Services (Building, Electrical, Health, Fire) schedules the Lodging House License Inspections in July. To aid in this inspection, the Tufts Fire Marshals are available to conduct a pre-inspection of your premises in early June. This pre-inspection will help to identify many of the common and frequent code violations that delay the issuance of the Lodging House License. This will give you time to schedule corrective action before the Inspectional Services arrive for their code compliance inspection. Failure to obtain a Lodging House License will prevent you from occupying the house until the code violations are corrected and the license is issued.

Issues that frequently lead to non-compliance are:

  1. Fire Alarm System and Fire Sprinkler Systems have not been inspected and tested within the last 12 months.
  2. Fire Extinguishers have not been tested/inspected within the past 12 months.
  3. Fire Escape inspection documentation not provided.
  4. Heating system has not been inspected within the past 12 months.
  5. Evidence of smoking or improper discard of smoking materials.
  6. Broken windows; holes in ceilings and walls; egress doors do not operate properly; emergency lights inoperative; exit sign lights inoperative; loose/missing railings, banisters or stairs; improper storage/trash; hallways/stairways obstructed; exterior lights inoperative.
  7. Poor housekeeping, clutter, dirty and unhealthy conditions.
  8. Kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures broken or missing.
  9. Missing/broken exterior building components, i.e. gutters, downspouts, stairs, railings, siding, roof shingles.
  10. Building address number missing (MGL Chapter 148 section 59).
  11. Exposed electrical wiring; wall switch plates and receptacle covers missing or broken.
  12. Excessive wires along floors, walls, and over pipes.
  13. Kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures broken or missing.
  14. Peeling paint.
  15. The fire alarm system communicates to the Tufts Police dispatch center via your house telephone lines. Failure to pay the house telephone bill may result in service disconnect. Should this occur, the Tufts Police requires a Fire Watch at $40 per hour until service is restored.