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Fire Alarm Evacuation Drills

Fire evacuation drills are conducted twice during the academic year in all of the residential buildings.  The first drill is conducted in the beginning of the fall semester (September) and the second drill is conducted at the beginning of the spring semester (January).  The drills are unannounced and are supervised and witnessed by the local fire department and the Tufts Fire Marshal.  Evacuation is mandatory for all occupants wherever and whenever the fire alarm system warning devices are activated.  Any student who fails to evacuate or is uncooperative during a fire alarm activation is subject to disciplinary action.

Fire Alarm System Testing

Annual system testing is normally conducted during the summer months and during the winter break.  Whenever an occupied building’s fire alarm system is being tested, the building will be posted with a notice (usually 24 hour notice is given) informing the occupants of the test.  Occupants do not have to evacuate during the test.