As members of the Tufts community (including parents of students and Alumni), we all have a responsibility for one another’s well-being and safety. The establishment of TTAM teams and the proactive recognition and reporting of warning signs that could lead to violence provides the best foundation for preventing violence on campus.

Students, faculty, and staff should take responsible measures to ensure the safety of themselves and others by proactively communicating any concerning behavior.

Five Key Principles of Violence Prevention

  1. Prevention is possible
    Threat Assessment is about identifying people who may need assistance and intervening effectively, thereby preventing harm.
  2. Threat assessment is about behavior, not profiles
    How a person acts is the focus not how he/she looks or dresses.
  3. Early Intervention and Identification helps everyone
    When behaviors are identified before they become serious, many options can be offered to assist the person.
  4. Keep victims in mind
    The team works to help victims manage the situation.
  5. Safety is a primary focus
    The focus is on what can be done to address the situation, not on punishing the subject

Contacts and Resources

Resources are available to you if you are comfortable using them. You can tell the individual who is exhibiting threatening behavior that you are concerned and ask if s/he/they need help. If they do, please contact TTAM.