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Most of you will be leaving shortly to celebrate the holidays and winter break. Whether you are traveling near or far the majority of you will be leaving your living spaces vacant and unattended. We want to take this opportunity, as we often do, to offer a few safety tips and reminders so that you do not fall victim to a crime and that your personal possessions and spaces are protected.

-Most importantly lock your windows and doors, don’t assume someone else will
-Close shades and if you haven’t already, remove AC’s
-Unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances
-Stop mail and newspaper deliveries or have them taken in by a neighbor
-Pull down shades or close curtains on windows.
-Bag and remove all trash
-Make your home look occupied; thieves hope to avoid confrontations
-Make the last person to leave do a double-check
-Take any and all of your electronic devices of value home with you since these are often attractive targets

Have a safe and enjoyable winter break!!!!