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Stop a crime, report a fire, save a life.

An emergency notification system is available on each campus to contact the University Police during a crisis or emergency. Any of the methods described in the associated pages can be used to:

  • Report a crime in progress
  • Report a fire, explosion or chemical incident
  • Report an ill or injured person

The emergency notification system should be used to report any situation that demands an immediate response to prevent the loss of life, limb or property.

Activate one or more components of the emergency notification system if you see or hear:

  • A person screaming
  • The sound of breaking glass
  • Someone trying to break-in to a building
  • Strange cars repeatedly passing your building
  • A person repeatedly blowing a whistle
  • Anyone tampering with an automobile
  • Fire, smoke, explosion or chemical spill
  • An automobile, motorcycle or bicycle crash
  • A sick person that needs medical aid
  • An injured person that needs medical aid

Emergency Numbers

Blue Light Telephones

Panic Buttons

Fire Pull Stations