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  • Personal property should never be left unattended!
  • Computers should be secured down with pads or cables to reduce the opportunities for theft! Laptop computers SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED!
  • Add or Activate your tracking software for your laptop! LoJack for Laptops or are sites if you need to add tracking software.
  • The most common targets of theft on the campuses are small items such as wallets and pocketbooks. These articles should be kept with you or secured at all times!When hanging up your coat, take the valuables out of the pocket and keep them with you or lock them up. A coat pocket is one of the most inviting places for a thief entering an office area.
  • Petty cash-No more than one or two people should be responsible for accounting for your petty cash. Select one centralized location, such as a secured file in an inner office to store your locked metal cash box.
  • Office and Laboratory doors should be locked when the room is not being used.
  • Valuables should be locked in the trunk of your car and not left in plain view!
  • Keep track of office keys in your possession, storing them in a secure place and not handing them out to unauthorized persons.

Laptop Security Video If you have any questions or you want to have the plate added to your device for FREE, please contact Sgt. Duane Weisse Community Policing/Crime Prevention Unit (617) 627-3030.

Report suspicious persons immediately to the University Police at extension 66911 (see Station Locations for phone numbers from off-campus or cellular phones).