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Fast Facts

The video security project began in 2012
The project scope includes all three Tufts campuses

Hggh risk Areas are given priority, Project lead is Kevin Maguire


  • Provide a safe environment for Tufts students, faculty, and staff. To deter crime and reduce risk.
  • Assist with post-incident investigations.
  • In short, to keep you safe!

What about my privacy?

  • By law and policy, video is not used where one would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • Video footage is not monitored in real time during normal operating conditions.
  • All footage is retained for up to 30 days, longer if it is part of an ongoing investigation.
  • Covert video will not be used except in criminal investigations.

What you need to know.

  • The video security policy balances the need to protect the┬ásafety and security of the Tufts community, with the preservation of individual privacy, freedom of expression, and civil liberties.
  • The creation of the video security policy has been a fully transparent process that has sought and incorporated the feedback of Tufts students, faculty, and staff.
  • The policy reflects the best practices of safety, security, and technology.