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The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is pleased to announce that the department has invited the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission (MPAC) to commence a re-accreditation assessment of the Tufts University Police Department. The department has invited a team of MPAC assessors to the Medford/Somerville campus on January 23, 24, and 25, 2023, to begin a three-day examination of the Tufts University Police Department, including department policies, procedures, operations, and facilities.

Verification by the assessment team that the department meets the commission’s standards is part of a voluntary process to retain state accreditation—a self-initiated evaluation process by which police departments strive to meet and maintain standards established for the profession by the profession. Meeting these standards helps TUPD members to continue forward-thinking as we strive to enhance policing in a way that promotes equity, justice, inclusion, and belonging for all who are in the profession and for all to whom we provide services in the community.

The Massachusetts Police Accreditation program consists of 257 mandatory and 125 optional standards. To achieve re-accreditation, the department must meet all applicable mandatory standards and 55 percent of the optional standards based on agency size.

Achieving re-accreditation is a highly valued recognition of law enforcement professional excellence. Anyone interested in learning more about this program is invited to contact the Executive Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police, Yolanda Smith, or the department’s accreditation manager, Lieutenant Moses Curry.