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We, the members of the Tufts University Department of Public Safety (TUPD), denounce the egregious actions taken by members of the Minneapolis Police Department, both by action and inaction, that resulted in the death of George Floyd.  The many peaceful protesters who have taken to the streets in recent days are to be commended for advocating for change and an end to systemic racism in our country, and their actions are in keeping with Tufts’ spirit of active citizenship.  We join with President Monaco in demanding that these injustices stop, and recognize that we need to do our part in protecting and improving our community.

We remain committed to building trust and legitimacy.  Every member of the TUPD fully embraces the principles embodied in the final report of President Barack Obama’s “Task Force on 21st Century Policing,” which the former president discussed in his virtual town hall yesterday. Accordingly, TUPD has adopted procedural justice as the guiding principle for internal and external policies and practices to guide its interactions with the community it serves.  Procedurally just behavior is based on four core principles that we, as police officers, must embrace:

  • Treating people with dignity and respect;
  • Giving individuals “voice” during encounters;
  • Being neutral and transparent in decision making; and
  • Remaining impartial in our decision making.

As police officers, we must acknowledge the role of policing in past and present injustice and discrimination.  To that end, TUPD has been, and will continue to be, committed to ongoing training and guidance on community and cultural awareness that includes:

  • 21st Century Policing Principles of Fair and Impartial Policing; Procedural Justice; and Recognizing Implicit Bias
  • De-escalation/Effective Communication Skills
  • Cultural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Interacting with People with Emotional, Physical, or Intellectual Disabilities
  • Interacting with Members of the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Response to Sexual Assault/Domestic and Dating Violence/Stalking with Informed Training on Best Practices

TUPD pledges to continue its efforts to ensure that every TUPD officer remains committed to professional and ethical conduct, equitable policing, and procedural justice for all people.  TUPD is also committed to maintaining a department that effectively represents a compositionally diverse Tufts University community through effective recruitment and hiring practices that seek qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds.

As always, any community may contact TUPD directly by accessing one of the following links:  For general questions or concerns:

For anonymous crime reporting:

To file a complaint: