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A common theme in crime prevention is awareness of your surroundings at all times. Our programs encourage students and employees to take responsibility for their own security and the security of others. The Department of Public Safety offers these personal safety recommendations:

  • Enroll in the Rape Aggression Defense Training course (for men and women).
  • Walk in well lit, well traveled areas of the campus.
  • When approaching your parked car, always have your car keys out and ready. Be aware of anyone near your car, and before you get in, check to see that no one is hiding inside.
  • Utilize the Campus Safety Shuttle on the Medford/Somerville campus. When the shuttle is not running, or on the Boston, SMFA or Grafton campuses, utilize the University Police SafeRide service. Call the University Police on your campus to request an escort.
  • There are emergency blue-light telephones on all three campuses. Most of these phones have a keypad to dial campus numbers. All of the phones have a red emergency button that when pressed will dial the Tufts Police automatically. Become familiar with the locations of these phones.
  • Avoid using Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) at night if possible. If there are suspicious persons loitering around an ATM, DON’T USE IT-go to another ATM machine. Carry only necessary credit cards and cash.
  • Never attempt a physical confrontation with a suspicious person.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep your head up while walking and if you are wearing headphones, keep the volume low so you can hear things around you.
  • Staying Safe on the MBTA.

Report suspicious persons immediately to the University Police at (617) 627-6911 or walk into one of our Station Locations.