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Student Rental Options

Students must purchase Collision, Damage Waiver, and Third-Party Liability insurance by the rental company. Failure to purchase full coverage will result in the individual being responsible for any damage related expenses.

  • ZipCar –
    • General Business –
    • Student Organizations – Contact Campus Life Financial Office, Annie Wong (
  • Hertz/Enterprise/Avis/National
    • General Business (PDF)
    • Parking – rental vehicles for business use must purchase a daily parking pass to avoid receiving a citation
    • Student Organizations – Contact Campus Life Financial Office, Annie Wong (
  • Hired Transportation
    • General Business – A Certificate of Insurance must be obtained, show evidence of auto liability and excess liability not less than >$5 million per occurrence, and name the Trustees of Tufts College as an additional insured.
    • Student Organizations – Contact Campus Life Financial Office, Annie Wong (
  • Outside the USA
    • Undergraduate students are not allowed to rent any type of motorized vehicle for University business in a foreign country, including Canada.
  • Additional Resources
  • Personal Vehicles – When using a personal vehicle for University business, the vehicle owner’s personal auto insurance is exclusive and is solely responsible for any and all claims arising out of such use. Tufts does NOT provide insurance coverage or indemnification for any accident or mishap involving students, their passengers, or any third party stemming from the use of privately-owned vehicles, even when they are used in connection with Tufts sponsored programs and activities. The driver (and/or the vehicle owner) of the private vehicle is wholly responsible for any litigation, financial exposure, or other repercussions that may result from its use. Passengers should realize that they are not covered by any Tufts indemnification program or insurance policy while riding as a passenger in a private vehicle operated by a Tufts student

Faculty/Staff Rental Options

  • ZipCar Department Account
  • Rental Cars

Tufts Corporate Travel Card (US, US Territories & Canada) – When using your Tufts Corporate Travel card to rent a vehicle, card holder should affirmatively decline the Loss or Collision/Damage Waiver as the Tufts Corporate MasterCard provides coverage to the rented vehicle should an accident occur. When renting a truck or a full-size van mounted on a truck chassis (typically a van that can hold 9 or more persons, including the driver), you must purchase the collision deductible waiver offered by the rental company as these types of vehicles are excluded under the Tufts Corporate MasterCard insurance program. Please call the MasterCard Member Service at 1-800-316-6056 with any rental coverage questions.

Foreign Countries -When renting a vehicle for University business outside the USA or Canada, the driver should always buy the additional insurance coverage offered by rental country (often times referred to as Loss (or Collision) Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Insurance coverage). Failure to purchase these coverages when available, you/your Department may be held responsible for any related expenses.

Personal Vehicles – When using a personal vehicle for University business, the faculty/staff personal auto insurance is primary and is responsible for any claims arising out of such use. In the event the faculty/staff’s automobile liability coverage limits are exceeded, the University’s insurance acts as excess insurance. It is strongly recommended that faculty/staff carry limits of at least $100,000/$300,000 for bodily injury and property damage if you use your vehicle for business purposes.