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1. Purpose

The Department of Public and Environmental Safety (DPES) has been delegated the authority to enforce reasonable parking regulations necessary for the safety and welfare of the university community. The responsibility for carrying out the enforcement of parking regulations rests with DPES Administrative Services. Nothing within this policy prohibits DPES from suspending established parking regulations and implementing emergency parking regulations, including parking restrictions, in the event of an emergency. DPES may add additional regulations or amend, rescind, modify or edit existing parking regulations at its sole discretion.

2. Scope

These regulations apply to all Tufts University domestic campuses and are applicable to all students, staff, visitors, contractors and vendors of the University. University parking regulations are part of the terms and conditions placed upon students, staff and visitors when entering onto the private property of Tufts University to park motor vehicles and operate a motor vehicle on the university’s streets, roadways, and within its parking facilities.

3. Student Parking

Resident freshman, resident sophomores and students with revoked parking privileges are prohibited from (a) registering a vehicle with Tufts and (b) parking in Tufts parking facilities or Tufts roadways. Resident juniors, resident seniors, commuters, and exemptions authorized by the Dean of Student’s Office may register a vehicle with Tufts and purchase a parking permit. Student vehicles registered out-of-state are required to complete and electronically submit a copy of the Massachusetts Non-Resident Driver’s Statement to Administrative Services at the beginning of each academic year. Please click on the following link to electronically submit the form.

4. Employee Parking

All Tufts employees are eligible to register a vehicle through Tufts and purchase a parking permit. University employees assigned to work in the Tufts Administration Building (TAB) are eligible to purchase parking permits for the TAB lot and are valid in all staff parking lots on the Medford/Somerville campus.

5. Visitor, Contractor and Guest Passes

Visitors, contractors and/or vendors are required to register vehicles with Tufts and must purchase a parking pass for the specific campus being visited. Schools/departments are required to purchase guest parking passes for their visiting lecturers, speakers, conference attendees, etc. Students on the Medford/Somerville campus may purchase on-line guest passes, or overnight visitor parking passes. Available here.

6. Handicap (HP) Parking

Vehicles displaying state-issued Handicap (HP) registration plates, placards or parking permits and have a current and valid Tufts parking permit/pass may park in any Tufts HP designated space. Employees with a valid parking permit/pass who require short term HP parking because of an injury or illness must obtain written authorization from the Tufts Marathon Health & Wellness Center. Once length of injury/illness has been determined, Administrative Services will issue a temporary HP pass. Vehicles with temporary Tufts HP passes may park in any HP parking space, except in spaces posted as “Wheelchair Access Only.”

7. Lost, Stolen, Forged Parking Permits/Passes

Possession of use of lost, stolen or forged parking permits or passes will result in: A mandatory charge for the original value of the parking permit/pass plus a $500.00 fine and revocation of parking privileges for the current and next semester. Referral to the appropriate University disciplinary process (students – Dean of Students office, staff – the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources). Penalties for registering another person’s vehicle with DPES by means of false statements may also include revocation of parking privileges for one-year, a $500.00 fine, and referral to the appropriate University disciplinary process as detailed above for all parties involved

8. Citations

Parking citations must be paid or appealed within fourteen (14) days of the date of violation. Students not paying citations within 14 days will have the balance placed on their Bursar account. Employees not paying citations within 14 days will be required to pay balance before purchasing a permit.

9. Appeals

Citations must be appealed within fourteen (14) days of the date of the violation. Appeals are submitted online through and clicking on the ‘Violation Appeal’ tab. Appeals are reviewed and processed within 30 business days. Results are sent via email to the appellant. Grounds and invalid grounds for appeals are available here.

10. Towing Procedures

The Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) is authorized to remove, impound, or immobilize any vehicle on university property at the owner/operator’s risk and expense when:

  • A vehicle is left under circumstances that indicate that it has been abandoned; i.e. expired or missing license plates.
  • A vehicle is parked in a handicap space without a handicap pass or placard.
  • A vehicle is in violation of snow removal operations or within restricted posted areas for construction.
  • A vehicle constitutes an impediment to vehicular traffic flow or pedestrian travel.
  • A vehicle is parked in a fire lane, a crosswalk, blocking a fire hydrant, or blocking building ingress or egress.
  • A vehicle is blocking emergency response vehicles, whether or not an emergency is in progress.
  • A vehicle that is not registered with the University and has received two or more citations.

In order to release a tow, the violator must obtain a release form issued by Administrative Services, present this to the tow company, along with a current and valid driver’s license, and pay all associated fees to the company. Impounded vehicles not claimed by the owner/operator within 30 days will be considered abandoned and disposed of by the tow company in accordance with the law set forth by Medford, MA. Section 78-263 Law.

The University is not responsible for damages to vehicles towed from university property or streets. Claims for damages due to towing must be submitted to the towing company. Tow companies can lawfully assess a drop charge where a properly summoned tow truck arrives, but due to owner/operator intervention, the vehicle is not towed. All towed vehicles are subject to being fully inventoried by university police prior to towing.

11. Conditions Under Which Parking Privileges May Be Revoked

Faculty, staff, and students cited for illegal parking three or more times within a semester are subject to having their parking privileges revoked and will be prohibited from parking on all university property for a period of one calendar year from the date of infraction. Faculty, staff, and students who bring their vehicle into the University’s garages or lots during the ban period shall be referred to the Dean of Students Office or Human Resources for disciplinary action. Vehicles registered with the university by a student who is no longer enrolled in classes, or an employee who is no longer employed at the university, or an affiliate who is no longer affiliated with the University are subject to citations and towing at the owner/operator’s risk and expense.

12. Traffic Regulations

Operators of motor vehicles driving on university property or roadways must obey the traffic rules and regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The maximum travel speed for vehicles driving on campus is 20 mph, unless otherwise posted. Driving on unpaved areas or sidewalks is prohibited, except for authorized maintenance and emergency vehicles. Motor vehicle crashes that occur on University property and/or involve university owned vehicles must be reported to TUPD. Motorcycles, motorbikes, and mopeds shall be operated only on motor vehicle thoroughfares and parked within marked, authorized university parking spaces.

13. Winter Parking

In the event that parking restrictions are put in place as a result of inclement weather, an email message alert is sent to all Tufts students, staff and affiliates. When snowfall of two inches or more is forecast, it is the responsibility of the owner/operator to remove motor vehicles from areas marked, “No Parking 1:00 AM to 8:00 AM” and “No Parking 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM.” For snow removal purposes, parking is prohibited on any University street/roadway/ or non-residential lots from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM to allow for efficient snow removal. When the University is closed due to snow, parking is prohibited on any University street/roadway/lots. Any vehicle parked in violation of parking rules or interfering with snow removal operations is subject to a citation and towing at the vehicle owner/operator’s risk and expense.

14. Summer Parking

Parking is prohibited in the Lower Campus parking garage from June 1 to August 31 of each year. Overnight parking is allowed in the Cohen lot for students with Residential, Commuter, and Summer Session parking permits.

15. Miscellaneous

All questions concerning traffic and parking should be directed to the Administrative Services office on the Medford/Somerville Campus at 617 627 3692 or Parking on city streets within the cities of Medford and Somerville requires compliance with city parking regulations. For additional information, please contact the Parking and Traffic Office of the appropriate city.