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Payment Accepted – Cash, Check, MC, VISA, DISCOVER, JUMBOCASH. Employees can opted for payroll deduction for parking permits.

Business hours – Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM (419 Boston Ave. Medford MA 02155)

Can I park in Dowling Garage overnight? No. Vehicles must be out by midnight. No parking in the garage on weekends and holidays.

I have a residential decal. Can I park in the Dowling Garage? No. Garage is reserved for visitors, employees and commuting students.

I currently live off campus. Can I still purchase a decal to park overnight on campus? Yes. Students living off campus may purchase a residential decal at the same rate as other student residents.

I am a commuter student and want to stay overnight. Will my decal allow me to do this? No. Commuting students must be off campus by 12 a.m. If you want to stay overnight, you need to purchase an overnight pass.

Where can I park? parking map – parking lots are enforced 24/7/365, unless otherwise stated.

How do I get a decal for the new vehicle? You need to scrape off the decal that you originally purchased (it need not to be in one piece) and bring it to our office along with your new registration. There is a $5 charge for a replacement permit when the original permit is returned at the time of replacement. There is a $35 fee if the original permit is not returned at the time of replacement.

I am driving another vehicle to campus. Do I still need a parking pass?Yes. Anytime a different vehicle is used other than the one with a registered decal, you need a parking pass. A temporary pass can be obtained, at no charge, for up to two weeks at the Public Safety office.

Can I swap my decal between two cars?No. When you register you vehicle with DPES Administrative Services, the decal is assigned to one car only. If you anticipate alternating vehicles, you need to purchase a second decal for the other vehicle.

How do I obtain a temporary handicap pass? All requests for handicap placards must be directed to Health Services. A full description of this process can be obtained in the Parking Regulations

Citations Questions

I have received a citation that I don’t feel was justified. Can I appeal this ticket?Yes. The citation must be appealed on line within 14 days. To read the appeal guidelines, Click Here 

My friend was driving my vehicle and received a citation. Am I responsible for it?Yes.

I was driving my friend’s vehicle and received a citation. Can I pay the fine for them?Yes.

What happens if I do not pay my citation? After 14 days, your citation will be transferred to your Bursar’s Bill for collection or paycheck employees.

Campus Visitor Questions

How do I get guest passes for visitors? Medford – guest passes can be purchased at the DPES Administrative Office for $8.00/day. Boston – guests must use public parking garages or street parking. Grafton -guest passes are obtain a pass from the Department of Public Safety in Grafton.

What is the policy for guests with vehicles that stay overnight? All guests must obtain a parking pass for the length of their stay.

Miscellaneous Questions

Are discounted T-Passes available? MBTA schedules and discount information can be obtained from the Bursar’s offices in Boston and Medford and from the website of

Are there free shuttles between campuses? There is a shuttle between the Medford campus and the Museum of Fine Arts. Click for shuttle schedule.

What are some of the reasons these cars are towed? The accumulation of 3 or more unpaid “No Decal/Expired Decal” or “Expired Meter” citations will result in a towed. Vehicles accumulating 8 or more generic citations can be removed as well. Any vehicle blocking a fire hydrant, fire lane, causing an immediate obstruction of an emergency response, or parked in a handicap stall with a proper placard will also be towed.

What should I do if I think my vehicle has been towed? Call Tufts Police at (617) 627-3030. They will inform you if your car has been towed. You must first come to the Police Station before you can claim your car at the tow yard.

Does Public Safety enforce parking and traffic regulations on weekends and holidays? Yes. Enforcement is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How can I obtain a garage access card? Cards are available to staff, faculty, and commuter students only. Please visit office to request a card with your ID. Lost garage access cost $15.

I am a community member that uses the gym only, what are my options for parking? Parking permits are available for $35/year.