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NOTE: As of 7/3/2019, no new driver approvals are currently being processed, as the university is switching vendors. New instructions will up as soon as the change has been completed. If this is an urgent situation, please contact 

Driver’s License

Tufts requires each driver to submit their driver’s license information for a motor vehicle background check. The criteria for approval is below. Vehicle background checks are conducted once a year and the fleet manager will notify you when a renewal is needed.  Contact fleet management staff at

Driver Criteria

In order to pass the motor vehicle background check and comply with the University Vehicle Fleet Policy you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have two or more years of driving experience
  • Have not received the following violations within the last three years:
    • Suspended license
    • DUI, DWI, or drug-related driving violation
    • Received an “Operating a Vehicle Negligently so as to Endanger” Offense
  • Abide by all state and federal rules while operating a University vehicle
  • Ensure that all occupants, including the driver, are wearing seat belts at all times
  • Not use any handheld or hands free devices, or send/receive and read text messages while operating the vehicle
  • Agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the University Fleet Policy

Revoked Authorization

The University obtains the right to revoke driver authorization if driver commits any of the following violations listed below, while operating a University vehicle.

  • Committed a felony with a vehicle
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Received multiple moving violations

Vehicle Reservation

Reserve a University vehicle

If you do not have access to this site or believe your vehicle may not be available through this site, please contact

Report Damages

Tou are required to report any damages/markings before and after, via a digital photo to the fleet manager via

Traffic/Parking Tickets

Receiving a traffic violation or parking ticket is the personal responsibility of the driver. The University is not responsible for paying the fine.

*International Driver’s License – person is required to obtain records and submit them to fleet manager