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Tufts University Indoor Air Quality Assurance Plan

IAQ Assurance Plan for Tufts University

Faculty, staff, students and visitor concerns with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) have increased since energy conservation measures were instituted in office and commercial buildings during the 1970s, minimizing the leakage of outside air into buildings and contributing to the buildup of contaminants in the indoor air. Complaints about IAQ range from simple complaints of comfort issues (too hot/cold/drafty, etc.) and odd
smells, to more serious perceived and actual health hazards, where the air quality may be suspected of causing illness and lost work time.

It may not be easy to identify a single reason for IAQ complaints because of the number and variety of possible sources, causes, and varying individual sensitivities. Nevertheless, Tufts University is committed to providing its students, employees, and visitors an indoor air free of unhealthful contaminants including airborne disease agents.

Last Updated: 7/2016

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