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Tufts University Inspection, Cleaning and Disinfection of Fan-coil Room Ventilation Units

Procedure: Inspection, cleaning and disinfection of fan-coil room ventilation units for Tufts University

A fan-coil unit is a room ventilation device that contains:
a. One or more blowers;
b. A copper tube with aluminum fins that circulates hot water, chilled water or refrigerant gas for heating and chilling air that passes across the tube and fins;
c. Air dampers on the outside air intake and on the recirculation entry that controls the amounts of outdoor and indoor air that enter the unit to be heated or cooled;
d. Air filters on the outdoor air intake and on the recirculated air entry to remove insects and airborne dirt particles;
e. A blower speed control and a thermostat to control the room temperature-this can be
automated or controlled manually or both;
f. A condensate catch pan to hold the water that drips off the chilled water tube and fin from the condensed humidity;
g. A sanitary drain connection to drain the condensate water to prevent the water from
stagnating in the condensate pan and providing a source of microbes (mold, bacteria).

Last Updated: 10/2010

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