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Tufts University Art Safety and Hazardous Materials Guide

Art Safety and Hazardous Materials Guide for Tufts University – 2018 for Faculty, Staff and Students

This Safety and Hazardous Materials Guide applies to all persons and areas within the SMFA at Tufts facilities where there are both normal and high hazard operations, hazardous chemicals/materials in use, or where hazardous wastes are generated and handled. The SMFA requires that each department, shop and studio develop and implement a specific safety and hazardous materials program to control the exposure to hazardous materials, equipment and situations. All Supervisors and Shop and Studio managers are responsible for informing staff and students about the specific hazards they may encounter and measures required to prevent injuries, disease and death within their specific area such as Ceramics, Welding, Small Metals, Woodworking and other Shops and Studios.

Last Updated: 8/2018

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