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The questions and considerations phase is complete, and now we will move on to information gathering. Based on what was learned, phase two will focus on several themes, separated as external and internal factors.

External Factors

These are factors outside of the Department of Public & Safety, both within the university, and in the broader community, state, country and world.

  1. University’s Surrounding Environment: current and future conditions, trends, requirements, potential difficulties
  2. Tufts University environment 3-5 years from now
  3. “Industry” standards, best practices, new methods
  4. Stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations: University Leadership, Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Parents
  5. Technologies in support of work, effectiveness, and impact

Internal Factors

  1. Purpose, Mission, Values, and Brand
  2. Strengths
  3. Weaknesses/Problems
  4. Programs & Tasks – current and future
  5. Stakeholder Communications, Community Outreach &Education
  6. Operational partners – Facilities/Operations, Res. Life, Health 
  7. Staff: profile, staffing levels, skills and training
  8. Organization Structure
  9. Facilities and Technology
  10. Policies, Systems, Processes
  11. Other