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Video Security on Campus

In the spring of 2012, the Director of Public and Environmental Safety created and now leads a project team charged with creating and implementing a university wide video security policy and to conduct risk assessments of all facilities and open spaces on all campuses to determine if the use of video security could reduce risk.

Request for Proposals (RFP) Process, project deliverables, etc.
The DPES requested and received proposals from several consultants specializing in the application of video security to reduce risk.  A proposal review team was appointed and charged with evaluating project proposals in relation to the project requirements.  The project requirements are listed below:

  1. Provide significant assistance to the University so that the University can create a policy addressing the use and deployment of video security on it’s three campuses, taking into consideration facility occupancy and use, open space use and the decentralized governance nature of a university with multiple campuses while incorporating best practices.
  2. Conduct risk assessments of each campus, focused on the use of video security to reduce risk
  3. Develop a cost projection based on the risk assessments
  4. Develop a proposed implementation schedule if identified vulnerabilities in priority order
  5. The risk assessment, cost projections and proposed implementation schedule reported out to various audiences

Open and Transparent Process
An integral part of the policy development process is community engagement. DPES has sought the input of our various stakeholders across our campuses, including university leadership, faculty, staff, and students through presentations, open community meetings, and by soliciting input through our web site. These forums provided the university community with an outline of the project, its goals and objectives, and opportunities to provide input. DPES is committed to openness and transparency throughout this process.

Community Input
The DPES values community input and welcomes comments, concerns or recommendations that we may discuss with our team.  If you’d like to reach out to us, please do so, anonymously if you so choose, by clicking on the link below.  The information that you submit will be sent to Deputy Chief Linda O’Brien for inclusion in the project.  If you feel the need to speak directly with the project manager, please do so by submitting the request to her via