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Solicit stakeholder feedback
The project team has held a series of meetings with the President’s senior staff, Administrative Counsel, as well as campus leadership from Boston, Grafton, and Medford/Somerville.

A series of community meetings were held on each campus.  The goals, objectives and process of the project were presented to faculty, staff and students.  Feedback was solicited through a question and answer period.

A section of the DPES web page was created, dedicated to soliciting community input. Titled “Video Security” community members can provide feedback, advice and ask questions, anonymously if they so choose.

Input, feedback and suggestions were incorporated into the draft policy.

Conduct Survey of peer and aspirant institutions
For benchmarking purposes, an electronic survey was developed and sent to our peer and aspirant institutions.  Survey results were used to inform the policy and process.

Develop policy
Development of the policy was based on the unique needs of Tufts University and included the following steps:

  1. Reviewed of existing university policies and procedures
  2. Campus tours were conduct a high level review of existing systems
  3. Researched of legal requirements, regulations, standards, codes, best practices and
    benchmarks of peer and aspirant institutions
  4. Interviews and met of key stakeholders
  5. Draft policy was created
  6. Conducted stakeholder meetings on all campuses
  7. Revised the draft policy several times, using input from consultants, institutions and the Tufts community
  8. Final draft policy is being circulated and posted for community review and comment

Review and approve policy
Review and approval of the policy has been accomplished in an open and transparent manner.  Public Safety did:

  1. Presented the policy to the President and senior administration
  2. Posted the policy on our web page and communicate it to the community by all available media, with a web based public input page
  3. Provided briefings to the community, incorporating time for questions, answers and suggestions

Develop conceptual plan and budget
A conceptual plan and budget was created, addressing risk reduction by prioritized need.  We envision a multi-year plan that will meet the identified risk reduction needs of each campus.

Install video security consistent with policy and industry best practices
DPES will install video security in accordance with policy and as funding allows. Installation will be based on the level of risk identified for each facility, etc. and the ability of video security to reduce that risk.