ResCop Program

Beginning in the Fall of 1996, the Department of Public Safety and Residential Life started what was then called the Duty Team Liaison Program. In the Fall of 2006, the name changed to the Residential Community Policing or ResCop Program. Typically, a Residential Life duty team is responsible for quality of life issues within a residence hall. A Tufts University Police Officer has been assigned to each of the ten duty teams to act as a liaison between Residential Life and Public Safety.

The purpose of the liaison program is to:

  • Increase training and communication about safety issues specific to individual halls.
  • Develop “consulting” relationships through which we can work on student issues in the halls.
  • Increase our effectiveness in difficult and emergency situations by enhancing our ability to work as a team.
  • Increase safety and security awareness and programming in the halls.

The Tufts University Police Department has implemented liaison programs on both the Medford/Somerville campus and the Boston campus.