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Skid Steers (commonly known as skid loaders) under Massachusetts Department of Transportation are not considered motor vehicles and therefore, require special attention when operating under certain circumstances. Those circumstances are listed below.

  1. When performing a specific task with the skid steer, such as removing trees or shrubbery, plowing snow, or clearing a sidewalk, no additional supervision (outside of the operator) is needed.
  2. When traveling to and from job sites, which may involve traversing sideways or busy pedestrian walkways, operators must to be mindful of the environment and whether additional supervision by a TUPD officer is needed.
  3. When traveling across a main street, such Boston Avenue or College Avenue, the operator is required to notify TUPD ahead of time to ensure the loader can cross the main arterial safety.*

*Traveling across major thoroughfares must be incidental to its primary use as an off-public way utility vehicle and cannot use the loader as a means to travel an appreciable distance while carrying material or debris.