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Spirit of Safety and Health, Spirit of Service and Justice, Spirit of Wellbeing, of Courage, of Righteousness and Peace, Be with us this morning as we honor the dedicated work and excellent service of the men and women who compose the Tufts Department of Public and Environmental Safety.

May they know our appreciation and support for them as they keep our campus community safe and secure to carry out the important work of our academic and community life through all of their various branches—administrative, EMS, emergency preparedness, environmental health and safety, fire safety and university police.

We live in a world that is complex—filled with many joys, wonders, and discoveries, and also with risk, dangers, and threats. Protect and defend these colleagues as they do the work that many of us would not want to do and that they take up bravely and with great care on our behalf.

Comfort them and their families and friends in their times of stress and help them to know our gratitude for their sacrifices. Be with them in their work of keeping us healthy and safe.

May they take pride in their achievements today as we celebrate their important work with joy, so that we can all continue to pursue the light and the peace that is our mission and calling here at Tufts.