EMT Class

A didactic session from the 1999 EMT class.

Community education is an important part of TEMS services. Each semester, TEMS assists the Emergency Medical Care class offered at Tufts. Conducted through the department of Physical Education, the class is held on campus and listed as PE 131, Emergency Care.

In the class students are trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, trauma management, medical emergency management, patient stabilization, motor vehicle extrication and more! At the end of the class students are given the opportunity to sit for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts EMT certification exam. Manyvstudents in the class who complete the state exam go on to become members of TEMS and even work for outside ambulance companies.

You do NOT need to be pre-med or have take the class at Tufts to join TEMS.  TEMS members are students from many diverse majors interested in providing emergency medical care services to the Tufts community.