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Apply to TEMS

Become a member of one of the most exciting student organizations on the campus of Tufts University. Take the opportunity to benefit every single member of the Tufts Community by volunteering for TEMS. You’ll also gain invaluable experience in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Learn how to interact with patients and provide professional, confidential care right on the Tufts campus.

Applicants for the Spring 2016 semester must:

  • Be freshmen or sophomore standing
  • Have an active Massachusetts EMT-B license
  • Have an active US driver’s license*

The application period will close Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 at 23:59. Practical skill testing and a written exam will occur on February 6th. Interviews will be held from February 5th-7th by appointment. Please check your emails on February 3rd for further information about interviews.

Qualifying applicants may apply here.

If you have an EMT-B license from another state, click here for more information on transferring your credentials to Massachusetts. 

If you do not currently possess an EMT-B license, consider taking PE-131 at Tufts, or another accredited EMT-B class. If you are not an EMT, click here to learn more about the course offered by Tufts.


*Please note that TEMS members are required to drive our Class 5 ambulance, and therefore must have a US driver’s license.

Want to be an EMT?

Welcome back to the hill everyone! If you have ever wanted to save lives, learn emergency medicine, or use lights and sirens, then becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is right for you!

Take the Massachusetts EMT course at Tufts! Listed under PE131.

Please email us with any questions: tems@tufts.edu

Boston Campus

Boston EMS provides for the prehospital care needs on the Boston Health Sciences campus.

Grafton Campus

The Town of Grafton maintains a contract with a private ambulance service to provide EMS to the community, including the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.