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National Collegiate EMS Week!

TEMS is joining campus EMS services across the nation in celebrating National Collegiate EMS Week. Check out Executive Director Ayal Pierce's op-ed in the Tufts Daily about the importance of learning CPR. » read

Welcome Back!

TEMS is now in service, 24/7 for the new school year.
Welcome, new students and families.

Safety information for students and their families, as we start the school year together. » read

This Is Only an Exercise

On Sunday, April 20, members of TEMS assisted the T-CERT class in putting their skills to the test » read

Want to be an EMT?

Welcome back to the hill everyone! If you have ever wanted to save lives, learn emergency medicine, or use lights and sirens, then becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is right for you!

Take the Massachusetts EMT course at Tufts! Listed under PE131.

Please email us with any questions: tems@tufts.edu

Boston Campus

Boston EMS provides for the prehospital care needs on the Boston Health Sciences campus.

Grafton Campus

The Town of Grafton maintains a contract with a private ambulance service to provide EMS to the community, including the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.