High Hazard Chemical Use in DLAM Facilities Training

If you choose to use high hazard chemicals in DLAM facilities, the use of those chemicals needs to be approved by EHS and the safety plan specifically created for the chemical must be followed.  For the criteria of what constitutes a high hazard chemical please see:

All users of these high hazard chemicals must attend a training session to practice following the safety plan in the animal facility.  If you already have an approved high hazard chemical safety plan, please bring a copy of your plan with you to the training.  Training is ½ hr long.

Class size is limited and certificates of attendance will be provided at the end of each session; Registration is required. Please contact Tufts EHS (ehs-training@tufts.edu) to reserve your spot.

Pre-approved access to Arnold 437 is REQUIRED. To gain access to Arnold 437 in the DLAM facility, please contact Julie Haggerty (Julie.Haggerty@tufts.edu)


(10:00am – 10:30am)
Monday, June 12, 2017
Monday, August 14, 2017
Monday, September 11, 2017
Monday, October 16, 2017
Monday, November 13, 2017
Monday, December 11, 2017

Note: For any training, please be sure to sign the attendance sheet to receive credit for attendance.

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