Radiation Spill Procedure

This procedure applies to any unsealed liquids or powders.

Stop what you are doing,
Do not panic,
Stay in the immediate area unless there is a fire or other hazard,
Collect your thoughts and stay calm
Presume that you are contaminated,
Do not spread the contamination,
Do not make unnecessary movements,
Check for skin and clothing contamination,
Be sure to check shoes for contamination also
Inform others in the immediate area,
Have someone call University Police,
Also contact the Health Physics group in Boston, Contact Tufts EHS for other Campuses.

To Report a FIRE: Call 911

Call University Police at x66911
Health Physics group x66168
Radiation Safety Officer, Tufts EHS at

-x63615 (Boston)

-617-636-3450 or

-617-308-3781 (after hours)

Localize the spilled material,
Estimate the activity and volume of the spill,
Place absorbent material on the spill [paper towels, benchpaper, etc.],
Place damp towels over spilled powders,
Wear gloves and lab coat
Label the area as contaminated,
Restrict individuals from entering
or leaving the area until evaluated