The following forms are provided to assist those either working with radioactive materials or radiation producing machines while conducting research at Tufts University. Please fax all completed forms to 617-636-2419.  Thank you.

• RSP-001: Radioactive Materials Permit

• RSP-004: Radioactive Materials Sponsorship

• RSP-005: Radioactive Materials Principal Investigator Applicant Training and Experience

• RSP-006: Radiological Worker Registration

• RSP-007: Radiation Safety Investigation

• RSP-009: Principal Investigator Exam Preparation Guide, Non Human-Use

• RSP-011: Radiation Worker Declaration of Pregnancy

• RSP-013: Radioactive Materials Procurement Blanket Order Notification (Boston Campus)

• RSP-014: Radioactive Materials Procurement (Grafton-Nuclear Medicine)

• RSP-015: Radioactive Materials Inter-Permit Transfer

• RSP-020: Radiation Safety Committee members

• RSP-061: External Dosimetry Procedure

• RSP-062: Electronic RAD-60 Dosimeter Procedure

• RSP-063: Radiation Dosimetry Location

• RSP-072: Radiation Producing Machines Permit Application


• LSP-001: Laser System Permit Application

• LSP-003: Laser System Disposal/Transfer Guidance

• LSP-004: Medical Surveillance Procedure
Recommended for those working in a Class 3B or 4 laser environment