Public Health


November is National Alzheimer’s Disease and Awareness Month (NADAM) and Family Caregivers Month®

Scientists estimate that 95% of ALZ disease is caused by environmental exposures and not just old age. » read


Tufts University is many things to many people. For students, it is a place to learn, live, play, and eat. In short, a small town. Protecting the health of the residents of this small town is the role of Public Health.

Tufts Environmental Health and Safety is the public health department for Tufts and works with other departments, the cities of Medford and Somerville and the MA Department of Public Health to monitor certain infectious diseases, water quality, food quality, rodents and other pests, and air quality to ensure a healthful town of Tufts.

Public Health at Tufts University:

  • Safe Food
  • Safe Water
  • Safe Air
  • No Pests
  • Safe Water Disposal
  • Monitoring injuries and disease
  • Preventing injury and disease
  • Protecting the health of the Tufts community
  • Promoting healthful behavior and environments

For information on Public Health Emergency, please visit the Emergency Response Guide at