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Occupational Safety

Working Safely at Tufts! A guide for new and current employees
Orientation Safety Manual (link)

Biosafety Support

1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens (link)


Biosafety Support

TU Medical and Biological Waste Plan (pdf)

2016/09 Chemical Safety Tufts University Chemical Hazard Communication Plan (pdf)
2013/05 Chemical Safety Chemical Hygiene Plan (pdf)
Chemical Safety Chemical Resistant Glove Guide (link)
Chemical Safety Controlled Substances (link)
2014/03 Chemical Safety Hazard Communication Program (pdf)
2013/09 Chemical Safety Hazardous Chemical Waste Management Plan (pdf)
2010/11 Chemical Safety Policy on Workplace Exposure to Isoflurane (pdf)
Chemical Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Commonly Used Hazardous Laboratory Chemicals (link)
Environmental Management Hazardous Chemical Waste Management (link)
Environmental Management Medical Waste Management (link)
2016 Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality Assurance Plan (pdf)
2011 Indoor Air Quality Tufts Mold Management Plan (pdf)
2012/01 Laboratory Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Plan (pdf)
2013/10 Laboratory Safety Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Selection Guide (pdf)
2013/12 Laboratory Safety Research and Laboratory Safety Guide (pdf)
2014/02 Laboratory Safety Use of Fume Hoods Guide (link and pdf)
2011 Laboratory Safety Use of Laboratory and Shop Sinks Guide (pdf)
2014/07 Laser Safety Laser Safety Policy and Procedures Manual (July 2014 pdf )
2012/07 Laser Safety LSP-003: Laser System Disposal/Transfer Guidance (pdf)
Laser Safety Medical Surveillance (link)
Radiation Safety RSP-061: Radiation Dosimetry Badge Procedure (doc)
2014/07 Radiation Safety RSP-012: Purchasing Radioactive Material (pdf)
2013/03 Radiation Safety Radiation Safety Manual for Tufts Campuses
Radiation Safety Security Policy for Radioactive Materials (link)