IATA/DOT Regulations for the Shipment of 6.2 Biologicals, Infectious Substances and Class 9, Dry Ice Dangerous Goods Training

The two and a half hour training is required for all staff that package, ship and transport Division 6.2 hazardous materials such as patient specimens and cultures, biological materials, laboratory specimens, human blood, human or primate cell lines, preserved biologicals, microbial agents, genetically modified organisms, preservatives (formalin) and dry ice. Many biological toxins are class 6.1 toxic substance and this is covered under separate chemical shipping training.

During the final 15 minutes of the session, participants complete a written examination (quiz) that will be reviewed in class. The topics covered include:

  • Classify, identify, package, mark, label and document Division 6.2 hazardous materials (UN3373, UN2814 and UN2900) and Class 9 items, GMOs and dry ice (UN1845) properly for transport by land and air.
  • Classify, identify & package exempt human and animal specimens.
  • Regulatory shipping requirements on typical preservatives used in clinical & life science laboratories.
  • Outline DOT and IATA training requirements, including the responsibilities mandated for testing and documentation.
  • Choose the most appropriate DOT exception to use when transporting patient specimens by motor vehicle.

Tufts Environmental Health and Safety offers this training on all campuses throughout the year as a service to the Tufts community. We encourage you to identify any of your department staff that may need this training and see to it that they attend an upcoming session.

You must get re-trained every 2 years. Once this course has been passed, personnel must maintain a record of completion in their files. Click Here to complete the refresher online.

Class size is limited and certificates of attendance will be provided at the end of each session; Registration is required. Please contact Tufts EHS (ehs-training@tufts.edu) to reserve your spot.

Thursday, June 8, 2017 – also available via WebEx
Thursday, October 12, 2017

(9:30am – 12:00pm)
Thursday, May 11 , 2017
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017 – also available via WebEx

Note: For any training, please be sure to sign the attendance sheet to receive credit for attendance.

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