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Safety – Part of the Laboratory Culture at Tufts

Continuous Improvement: A Positive Lab Safety Culture at Tufts
There are four kinds of laboratories at Tufts: research, teaching, testing and clinical. » read

Working Safely with Nanomaterials

Workers who use nanotechnology in research or production processes may be exposed to nanomaterials through inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion. This fact sheet provides basic information to workers and employers.
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Training Schedule

The 2017 TEHS Training Schedule is now available.

To review the upcoming training dates » read

Mission Statement

Tufts Environmental Health and Safety (TEHS) promotes health, safety and environmental protection in teaching, research, public service and administrative activities by providing training, advice and other compliance assistance.

TEHS provides leadership in developing and supporting high quality programs that allow students, faculty and staff to protect themselves from potential health hazards they encounter at the University.

In addition, TEHS staff has the expertise needed to direct efforts toward compliance with health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.

In summary, the goal of TEHS is to provide guidance to every manager, supervisor, employee, and student of Tufts University so that a safe, healthful and environmentally sustainable learning environment is achieved and maintained.

Vision and values of the TEHS Staff

Outward vision and values
TEHS staff will make every attempt to provide the levels of service in a timely and thorough manner as defined by our customers, the faculty, staff and students of Tufts University.

Inward vision and values of the TEHS Staff
TEHS staff will work to create a flexible and supportive work environment where each can achieve our full potential, express ourselves openly while respecting each other. Participate in team based decisions, celebrate our achievements, discuss openly our individual, department and University shortcomings and embrace the idea of continual improvement.