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The early results have come in from the student survey, and we’re beginning to pull out some interesting data:

  • Who says email is dead? 96.4% of respondents said they heard about the survey because of an email from an official source. Other advertising (Facebook, Twitter, TuftsLife) didn’t fare so well, all below 1.5%.
  • Respondents broadly represented the student body, 55% graduate, 45% undergraduate, with splits across schools and campuses roughly proportional to enrollment. We only heard from 25 graduating seniors (senioritis, perhaps?).
  • Respondents overwhelmingly rated “responding to emergencies” as our top mission. Parking enforcement came in a distant last.
  • Questions were customized based on school and campus. Medford students answered several questions about safety escorts and pedestrian safety. Boston and Grafton students were asked about the recent consolidation of dispatching. Undergraduates were asked about alcohol policy enforcement and alcohol-related medical emergencies.
  • The survey responses also included a lot of open-ended comments, both critical and complementary, that will be invaluable in our effort to plan for the future.
Institutional Research will help us further analyze data and code the open-ended responses over the summer.