Six things you need to know about the new Student ID cards that Public Safety will be issuing this fall

  1. All students returning to Tufts in the fall of 2013 will be issued a new Tufts ID card due to the upgrade from SIS to iSIS.
  2. Also due to the iSIS upgrade, the student ID number of all returning students will be changing. (for more information about the iSIS upgrade, click here)
  3. In order to receive a new ID card, students will need to return their old one. If the old ID card is lost, there will be a fee to replace it.
  4. The new ID cards will be printed over the summer. When the new ID card is printed  the old ID card will be deactivated.
  5. The new ID card will work as soon as it is picked up.
  6. The distribution of the new ID card will vary by campus and school.


When will my new ID be printed and when and how will I receive my new ID?

Boston Campus; Grafton Campus; Medford Campus; Other ID Questions

For students on the Boston Campus

For students on the Grafton Campus

For students on the Medford Campus

Other ID card questions 

Please use the section below to let us know of any questions or concerns about the ID cards to be issued in the fall that haven't been answered by the FAQ.