License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition – Medford/Somerville Campus

Permit Holders:

  • License plate on record will be read by camera and gate arm will open
  • If gate does not open upon exit, press “Permitted Holder” on kiosk screen, enter license plate, and gate will open
  • If you are temporarily driving a spouse’s or rental vehicle or need to update your license plate, please email


  • Enter Dowling Hall Garage or Cousens Parking Lot
  • Entrance gate arm will automatically open
  • Go to pay station kiosks through garage or lot
  • Enter your license plate number, pay the flat rate of $8 via credit/debit card
  • When exiting, the system will recognize your license plate and open the gate arm
  • If the gate arm does not open upon exit, press “paid parker” enter your license plate, gate arm will open

Departments Hosting Guests:

  • Are given a pin code for their guests. If you wish to acquire one, please email

What is LPR Technology?

  • LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology is an image-processing program used to identify vehicles via their license plates
  • LPR also eliminates the need for access cards, tickets, tokens, paper receipts, and decal stickers.