University Photo Identification Policies


Excerpted from the Employee Handbook, available from Human Resources:

You will be issued a University picture identification card. Please keep your I.D. with you while you are on University premises. Entrance to some University buildings and departments, such as libraries and the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, or admittance to certain University functions may involve presenting your I.D. to security personnel.

When you leave employment at Tufts, you are required to return any Tufts identification cards, keys, and other University property.

Arts, Sciences and Engineering Undergraduate Students

Excerpted from The Pachyderm , available from the Dean of Students office.

Students are expected to carry their official picture I.D. card issued during Orientation by University Police. It is required for admission to many university functions, residence halls, dining halls, sports events, library privileges, etc.

Fraudulently obtaining, altering or misusing a university-issued I.D. will lead to disciplinary action. Participation in the manufacture of false identification cards of any type will lead to separation from the university.

Falsifying or possessing a phony driver’s license is a crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition to a minimum fine of $500 for this offense, the state recently passed legislation instituting a new penalty for the use of a false I.D. in obtaining alcohol. The new penalty is the suspension of the right to drive in the state for six months on a first offense. The legislation applies to individuals regardless of their state of residency.

Certificate, Graduate and Professional Students

Refer to the student handbook of your particular school or program of study: