ID Issuance

Lost ID Card QR Code

Lost your ID?

  • Purchase online here via credit/debit card ($30)
  • Pick up at your campus police station

Student IDs

  • First-year students receive their ID cards during orientation
  • Transfer students receive their ID card from the administrative services office on their campus

Staff/Faculty IDs

  • Employees must verify their I-9 form with HR first in order to receive an ID card.
  • After verification, it may take 48 hrs until administrative services can print the ID card.

Affiliate IDs

  • Non-Tufts paid employees (e.g. contractors, visiting faculty/researchers)
  • See Affiliate ID Authorization Process for more details
    • Departments must submit the affiliate’s information to their eReg Administrator to enter his/her information in system
    • Identification data will be automatically submitted to Public Safety within one hour of data entry
    • Affiliates ill be able to obtain an ID card and parking permit at that point
      • Affiliates entered into eReg will remain active for one year. Affiliates remaining at Tufts for longer than 12 months will need to be renewed annually (eReg administrator will receive an expiration notice 30 days before expiration)