Employee Driver Approval Process

Driver’s License: Tufts requires each driver to submit their driver’s license information for a motor vehicle background check. The criteria for approval is below. Vehicle background checks are conducted once a year and the fleet manager will notify you when a renewal is needed.  Contact Andrea Breault at Andrea.Breault@tufts.edu for submittal*

Driver Criteria: In order to pass the motor vehicle background check and comply with the University Vehicle Fleet Policy you must:

Be 18 years or older
Have two or more years of driving experience
Have not received the following violations within the last three years:
-Suspended license
-DUI, DWI, or drug-related driving violation
-Received an “Operating a Vehicle Negligently so as to Endanger” Offense
Abide by all state and federal rules while operating a University vehicle
Ensure that all occupants, including the driver, are wearing seat belts at all times
Not use any handheld or hands free devices, or send/receive and read text messages while operating the vehicle
Agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the University Fleet Policy

Revoked Authorization: The University obtains the right to revoke driver authorization if driver commits any of the following violations listed below, while operating a University vehicle.

Committed a felony with a vehicle
Leaving the scene of an accident
Received multiple moving violations

Vehicle Reservation: if you are reserving a University vehicle, please reserve the vehicle through this site https://roomscheduling.tufts.edu/VirtualEMS/default.aspx If you do not have access to this site or believe your vehicle may not be available through this site, please contact Andrea Breault at Andrea.Breault@tufts.edu

Report Damages: you are required to report any damages/markings before and after, via a digital photo to the fleet manager, Andrea Breault (Andrea.Breault@tufts.edu)

Traffic/Parking Tickets: receiving a traffic violation or parking ticket is the personal responsibility of the driver. The University is not responsible for paying the fine.

*International Driver’s License – person is required to obtain records and submit them to fleet manager